19 juin 2008

Last News 15 Jun. 2008 !!

Win $100 for posting your Success Story!, June/July Contest

This will be June/July contest competition.

The amount of success stories being posted is less than 5% of the amount of payments we paid daily.
The purpose of this is to try and get more people to post their success stories, we want to see more success stories being posted each day. The Payments page is effective but not good enough as it comes from us and people are not believing in this.

We will pick 10 entries randomly, each will receive $100 paid directly to their Alertpay account or Bux card after the competition.

Duration: 15th of June until 15th of July

Each entries must include the following:

  1. A screenshot from Payoneer or Alertpay transaction page showing you have been paid by Bux.to and the amount.
  2. A screenshot from your Bux.to account History page clearly showing "Payment Sent" status.
  3. A screenshot from your Bux.to account Stats page clearly showing the "Total Amount Paid" and the amount.
  4. The payment must be paid from 15th of June from 15th July only.

Optional: your requested payment date

If you post false proofs, you will not be given the prize. We crosscheck all 10 success stories we pick.

If this contest shows to be a success, we will keep this as an on going monthly competition along with the other competitions that may come up.

Anniversary Special 150 referrals + Free Bux.to T-Shirt

You can purchase 150 of these un-referred Bux.to members for a price of only $136.95. This is an extremely low price to pay when you sit back and imagine your profits. In fact, based on averages, 150 active referrals can bring you

» 150 referrals click 10 ads per day = $15.00
» Your daily earnings = $15.00
» Your weekly earnings = $105.00
» Your monthly earnings = $450.00

Although, we cannot guarantee that you will earn such a profit.

Processing time: 2-5 working days. Free Bux.to T-Shirt shipped within 2 weeks.
Availability: Limited. First come, first serve. Available via AlertPay only!

There will be only http://bux.to/anniversaryspecial.php for now, all the other packages until further notice.

Contact Information Updated

Our mailing address is provided for correspondence only:

Bux.to, Ltd.
8 Copthall
Roseau Valley
Commonwealth of Dominica

This is an office building we share with other companies. Please make sure you address to Bux.to, Ltd. for mails to be direct to us.

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