19 juin 2008

ProfitSharing - earn 80% from the site

In front of you is a website, created for the click on commercials fanciers. We are sure that many of you are members of different kind of Paid to Click Programs, you are clicking on links, search for referrals etc. Everything is fine so far! But... As you all know:

- to reach the minimum payout without referrals is very difficult and it takes a lot of you time and effort
- in time, there is less and less clicks available for you to click
- the minimum payout is usually pretty high
- when you almost reach the magic line, where you are eligible to request payout, the site suddenly disappears!
Sounds familiar??? YES!! OK!

What do you say if we join together and cooperate, squeeze from PTC programs as much as it is possible and reach payouts in reasonable time terms and after joining us you actually almost double your income??

Sounds interesting?? And also it is!!

What is the catch?? We all join under ONE referral link, we all click and reach the minimum payout in a very short time and we all fairly devide the income we get!!!

We offer you 80% additional earning for every clicks you do, and without the minimum payout, which means, if you needed 3-4 months to reach payout before then now you will get your payment in a month or even less!!!

- you click 10 links daily = 0.1$ (that is your money)
- 10 referrals that you bring into PTC program click 10 links daily = 1$ (also your money)
- earnings from our site daily 80% on 10 commercials = 0.08$ (in our balance and at the end of the months it is transferred to your E-gold, LR or Paypal account)

Daily income: 1.18$
Weekly income: 8.26$
Monthly income: 35.4$
Yearly income: 430.7$

So, after the end of the month or 2 days after we get requested payout from specific PTC program, we pay you 2.4$ for a single program. - (if there are 10 programs, that means additional 24$ from our side to you!!)

Because in our site there will be minimum 6 PTC programs you can join, this income rises perceptibly, so your income if you join at least 6 of them will be at least 14.4$ that you get paid from us and if you add to this income the income from your own clicking for specific PTC program, you can see that the number is even higher.

The benefit from our site is also that there is no minimum for payout... If you will earn 0.1$ in certain months from clicking, you will get payout for 0.1$!!


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